Model met zwarte crossbodytas met croco inprint van LouLou Essentiels.

Classy Croc | Croco leather with gold zippers


      Our hearts start beating faster. The stylish slightly shiny Classy Croco leather is in perfect contrast with the beautiful matte suede. A timeless mix of materials in clean, understated designs. Does it get any better?

      Sustainable leather

      All the leather that LouLou uses comes from tanneries affiliated with LWG (Leather Working Group) and is a by-product of the food industry. The leather is tanned in an innovative way so that the dirt that may be released is converted from liquid to a solid form. This prevents residual waste from seeping into the ground, causing soil pollution.

      Take care of your leather accessory

      Care for your Classy Croc accessory, especially the suede part, before first use with LouLou's Pretty Protector Spray. Repeat this every 3 months for optimal care and protection.