Small Bags

Looking for a small bag?

We have them in all shapes and sizes. An extra mini bag for your smartphone, a small black crocodile bag, or a colored one. Filled with handy compartments for all your essentials.

Wear your small bag crossbody, so you always have your hands free. Whether you are looking for a bag for every day, a small bag for a party or a clutch for a wedding, you will find an extensive collection here. Scroll through the colors and leather types and be surprised! Made with lots of love.

The Baguette

'This is not a bag, it's a Baguette.' Sarah Jessica Parker's alter ego Carrie Bradshaw exclaimed as she was robbed of her mini Fendi on the street. This mini shoulder bag trend is completely Y2K and nineties. In the LouLou collection you will find various Baguette bags with enough space for your essentials.