The Resort Collection SS23

The Resort Collection SS23

Spring Summer 2023… We sketch a summer in a luxury resort. The sun on your skin, your eyes closed, the rustling sound of a breeze through the crown of a palm tree. The echo of music somewhere in the distance… Wake up with your eyes closed.

This collection is inspired by the eclectic vibe of Palm Springs. Where desert, asphalt, palm trees and midcentury modern architecture mingle into an inspiring palette of clean lines and dashes of color.

And color it is. In spring summer 2023, in addition to the 'new' neutral shades of kakhi, 'greige' and olive, we will see nice variations in playful preppy pastels. Violet purple, the bright pink yarrow, and the bright acid lime. New classics with smart features that are our signature and make every accessory so much more than 'a bag'.

Designed with convenience in mind for the end user. A nice overdose of 'practicality' in the form of smart zipper pockets, extra long handles, anti-skim protection and a light carrying weight. Detailedly finished and made with a lot of love for material and model. Playing with volumes is the trend (oversized blazers, and mini skirts and bags), but we are dead serious when it comes to our accessories. We want you to know exactly how big a bag is, how flexible it is, and what fits in it.

Palm Springs exudes Mid Century Modern, with its clean lines, blue skies and colored doors. Built from the 1950s for the nouveau riche, and still the ideal setting for a luxurious holiday full of lazy-ness with a shiny and glamorous touch. What would you put in your suitcase for a week of luxurious leisure? Whatever you're going to do, we've thought about the nicest way to carry your essentials with you. Hands free, nose in the summer desert wind and ready to enjoy the finer things in life.