model met abricot handtas van LouLou Essentiels



      Looking for a sustainable leather handbag? Found it!

      The ultimate handbag

      But what actually falls under the term 'handbag'? Traditionally you carry the handbag, as the name suggests, in your hand. When designing our collections, we notice that many ladies are looking for a bag that stays upright, which is typical of a nice handbag. At the same time, being able to wear it on the shoulder or crossbody with an extra long strap is also high on the wish list. So things to take into account.

      The ideal Handbag

      Just wish that the ideal handbag closes securely with a zipper. The perfect handbag is fully equipped and will practically help you through the day. Are you looking for a black leather handbag, or a nice color? View all colors and models here. Do you really prefer to carry your handbag only on the shoulder? Then take a look at the shoulder bags category. For a laptop handbag you can certainly scroll through the laptop bags category!

      Light handbag

      Whichever copy will make your heart beat faster, you will find them here; from a large leather handbag with plenty of space for your laptop, phone and wallet, to a compact handbag with handy storage compartments and various carrying straps. Choose your handbag size wisely. Of course, it should not be heavy and you prefer a light handbag. The bigger your bag, the more you often take with you. When we started with LouLou in 2010, we carried an average of 2.4 kilos of weight in the handbag. Fortunately, that has changed. We have strong but lightweight leather and a light lining, so we also have light handbags!

      Black Handbag

      The black handbag is still very popular. Many women like to choose a bag that will last a long time, and then a black handbag is a safe choice. Anyone who opts for a non-black handbag can indulge themselves with us. Do you choose a cream handbag, an apricot handbag or a pink handbag? We have it in the collection.

      A sustainable handbag

      We make our accessories sustainable with a passion for people and the environment. If you are looking for a sustainable handbag, then you have come to the right place. All our sustainable handbags are made from sustainably tanned leather, certified with the highest possible gold label. We have been working closely with the same studio for more than 10 years . Everyone who works here on your sustainable handbag receives a good salary, is not obliged to work overtime and can take extra courses to advance their career. Your sustainable handbag is designed with love and made with pleasure.

      Want to know more about how we make sustainable handbags? You can read it here .