De Hobobag Marie in het Abricot van LouLou Essentiels.

Leather Hobo Shoulder Bag


Looking for a leather Hobo bag? The Hobo is a flexible shoulder bag with a casual look.

Hobo Shoulder Bags

The Hobo is also called a half moon bag or half moon bag. It is a shoulder bag with a spacious zipper pocket and a single carrying strap. There are large oboes and small oboes. You saw a lot of large Hobo bags in the 1970s. Recently, more smaller Hobo bags have been purchased. Which is of course not surprising. Due to the digital revolution and all the product innovations, many essentials have become a lot smaller.

Comfortable Hobo bag

A good Hobo is comfortable to wear and sags a little. The hobo shoulder bags from LouLou have several compartments so that you can always find everything easily.

All LouLou oboes have a flat strap. This is comfortable to wear and prevents shoulder pain. Do you like to wear the oboe cross body? The bag often comes with an extra loose and adjustable shoulder strap that you can attach to the bag. Handy for cycling or public transport.

Where does the name Hobo come from?

In American, hobo means 'travelling worker' or 'tramp', something that was common around the turn of the 1800s/1900s. You can imagine them, the wanderers with a spacious bag that could fit everything. In the 1970s the oboe was extremely popular. The style of the bag matched the loose and casual fashion.

Casual or chic bag?

Are you going for a bohemian casual bag, or a more city chic look? In LouLou's selection of hobo bags you will undoubtedly find the bag that suits you most. Are you looking for a black leather oboe? Or a colored oboe? We love this model and hope you can find your favorite oboe with us.

Sustainable Hobo

We believe in leather. It is a natural product, our leather is sustainably tanned (to know more, read it here ) and leather lasts a long time. Choosing a leather, sustainable oboe is an investment that will pay for itself.

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